I scream You scream, We all scream…..Affordable Skincare!

June 10, 2020

Hey guys! Welcome back to the blog, today we are talking ALL about affordable skincare. If you’re anything like me then you want your skin glowy and beautiful without literally breaking the bank. So let’s get to talking about my absolute favorite skincare line, E.L.F cosmetics skincare! I absolutely swear by this brand and it is the most affordable skincare line I’ve found!

e.l.f. Bounce Back Jelly Cleanser (with hydrating coconut) – $6.00

NET 3.38 FL. OZ. (100 ml)

I absolutely swear by this product! For only six dollars, it has no parables, no sulfates, and no phthalates! I use this product every morning after showering and every night to take off my makeup and it never disappoints! My favorite thing about this product is that it isn’t overly foamy like most facial products. It smells so refreshing and leaves my skin feeling so clean after every use.

e.l.f. keep your balance toner – $8.00

net 5.07 fl. oz. (150 ml)

Ladies!!! Tell me where else you can find a toner for EIGHT dollars..I’ll wait. This product definitely deserves a standing ovation; infused with Hyaluronic Acid, Witch Hazel, and Aleo it works with the pH of your skin to keep it balanced and glowy! My favorite thing about this toner is that you don’t need much at all! I just put a small amount on a cotton ball and cover my face. Now, the downside to this toner is that if you do not use a moisturizer afterward then it may make your skin slightly dry but girl, who doesn’t moisturize?!

e.l.f. daily hydration moisturizer – $8.00

net 2.53 fl. oz. (75 ml)

okay, ladies, whos ready to GLOW?! There are so many great things I could say about this moisturizer BUT for sake of this lasting forever I’ll stick with my top three. First, you literally only need to use a dime-size amount, it’s honestly all you’ll need! Second, infused with vitamin E and Aleo it leaves your skin feeling SO soft! Now my third reason is mainly just a preference thing but I cannot handle the products that smell…well let’s be honest… toxic. it literally makes me gag, with that being said this moisturizer smells so refreshing. I never let myself run out of this product! Eight dollars feels like a steal!

Now don’t get me wrong, just like every girl I have a TON of skincare products but these are the ones I use every day and would not go anywhere without! I hope this helped you guys or at least gave you some insight. Ulta Beauty is my GO-TO spot for this brand but I’m sure there are other places you could find them for the same low price! Here is to glowy skin and a bank account that isn’t suffering! Be Blessed, Bloggers!

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