The answer is YES!! You can make your pictures look so clean and polished all on your own!

Just like everything else on my blog, the way I do things are always affordable. Let me start off by saying that photography is one of my favorite little hobbies. I love photo editing and design and presets make life SO MUCH EASIER! If you’re a little new to the preset game like me then you {need} to visit VictoriaBeePhoto on Etsy!

She is incredible at making sure you understand exactly how to download the presets and replies to all questions in a timely manner! Her shop is more than affordable, I purchased the Bright and Clean set of 15 presets for ONLY $4.30.

yes you read that right. four dollars and thirty cents. talk about a steal!

but can’t I just edit them on instagram

yes BUT it is not the same. i cannot stress this enough. they have a lot of similarities but a preset is so much richer and has a more powerful effect on your photo.

Enough talking…show me the magic!!

did someone say #mirrorselfie? I really struggled to like this picture due to the terrible lighting. It didn’t do me or my outfit justice! So I decided to slap a preset on it…

is that even the same picture!!!!

Go check out my Photography page (under Just for Fun and Travel) to be absolutely SHOOK!!

Go Preset crazy and Be Blessed; Bloggers!!

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