Hello everyone! Today’s blog is a little different than what i normally do but that’s because today me and SO many others celebrate everyone’s favorite angel.

Shelby LeAnne filled rooms with her overflowing joy. Even when she didn’t like you, you still felt a part of something bigger because she was involved.

When it came to serving, wow she would blow you away with her ability to put herself in your shoes and really try and understand where you came from. She was one after God’s own heart.

How We Met:

I had just moved back to town and started an old job that she happened to now work at. If you’re from around here you know that place is David’s Burgers. I remember her laugh as she cut the corner to the kitchen and when she saw me in a black shirt her laughter dropped. (she has a way of being a tad dramatic sometimes) The look she gave me was almost scary..and she immediately wanted to know who i was and WHY I WAS IN THAT BLACK SHIRT.

From that day forward we worked almost EVERY shift together for almost 3 or 4 years.

Just like any friendship we didn’t always see eye to eye but we saw the best in each other.

No one made me angrier than she did sometimes and vise versa.

No one made me laugh louder and hug bigger than she did.

My Twin:

we never saw it in each other, its almost like everyone thought it would be fun to make us a competition. someday’s she beat me and somedays i beat her.

somedays we didn’t agree and somedays we wanted to strangle each other. BUT at the end of each day she would always say “BELLY, how can we make tomorrow better.” she strived for excellence. she strived for growth.

its funny because EVERYONE got us confused. we were both so tiny, both had dark hair, and we had personality traits that were so much alike it was scary sometimes.

This picture is one of my favorites, if you can tell she’s sitting in my lap..she was never one to ask to do anything, she literally just did it. and in this picture she did exactly that.. she plopped down and was like “lol im gonna sit right here for this picture” and what did i tell her..you guessed it NOTHING. because once her mind was made up there was no stopping her.

her heart:

i could write a book on her heart. i’ve never met anyone so pure in a childlike way. When Jesus talks about child like faith in the bible i immediately think of her.

when i say child like i do not mean it in a silly way. in a way that was so pure she was too good for this world. we wanted to be teachers, we wanted to raise our babies together, we wanted to be friends forever.

Just for one day:

she is exactly where she always wanted to be, and if i could talk to her for just one day here are some thinngs i would love to say:


i am not mad at you, you did what you thought was right.

i am so proud of you.

i love you.

Price is killin it at life, you would be so proud of her.

cay and syd got another dog, this one is just a foster though.

B got his black collar like we always knew he would.

Matt and I got pregnant.

Matt and I lost “baby”.

Han got baptized and engaged!

Tippy is so big now, she looks so good.

Price and I became friends just like you said we would.

sweet baby will got a girl friend and i hear he tells people what to do now..thats right..hes a big dog now.

theres a crazy mess going on in the world today, i miss you but im glad you are with Jesus.

rock baby extra today for me.

Love you, mean it: Belly

2 thoughts on “An Unopened Letter to Everyone’s Favorite Angel…

  1. Shelia -mom says:

    This is so beautiful. Shelby was an angel on earth and now in heaven. Thank you for loving my baby girl. I know she lived you too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. bellyhall04 says:

      This made my day. Thinking of you today. ❤️


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