Curls, Curls, Curls

July 29, 2020

(I hope you sang that)

Okay ladies! Let’s talk about “natural” things. We all want natural cleaning products, natural oils, or natural foods but we don’t want to be OUR NATURAL SELF!

As I get older I find myself wanting to embrace every single thing that makes me..well..ME!!

During quarantine I really began to learn about my hair, something that’s always been “such a mess” or something that “looks like a lions main”

If you’re anything like me and you want to embrace those beautiful curls the good Lord gave you keep on scrolling bloggers

Wrap. your. hair.

I cannot stress this enough. Wrap it. You don’t look dumb, you’re not being inconsiderate you’re taking care of your hair!

I got this at ulta for around $6 the inside is silk and it comes already tied. It is my saving grace! I clip two Bobby pins to the side and it stays on my head all night!

Morning Routine:

1. I only wash my hair TWICE a week! Keep reading I’ll explain…

• every night I spray my hair with a water bottle and put product in. After product I put on my wrap and sleep! •

I only use this product after my washes! This is what allows me to go so long in between washes! Walmart brand: $8
I use this like it’s going out of style! I defuse on cool every morning and once my hair is almost dry I smooth one pump into my hands and rub through my hair to KEEP THAT FEEZE AWAY. Yes ma’am! Walmart brand: $6

My saving grace for my curls! I use this everyday!! It doesn’t leave my hair crunchy and keeps it so hydrated!! Walmart brand:$10

I cannot tell you guys enough how much these do for me! I have nothing but perfect things to say about them both! I cowash twice a week! Plus the conditioner also goes as a leave in! Score! Walmart brand: both $9 a piece

The game changer:

Basic diffuser! It attaches to my blow dryer!! This changed the entire look of my curls! I actually saw a tic tock video about it and I had to try it for myself!

Use LOW HEAT in the beginning. You want to start with your scalp. Most of the time that’s where the water is held! I hold for 10 seconds and walk it all the way around!

After you’ve done your ENTIRE scalp keep it on LOW heat and move the diffuser down your curls! DO NOT ACTUALLY TOUCH THEM!!! You are just locking in the product!

Once you’ve done this to your entire head turn the dryer on medium heat and go back to your scalp. Yeah you heard me. Back to your scalp! Hold for 20 seconds all the way around your head!

You’re almost done! Yasss! Now keeping the dryer on MEDIUM heat gently use the diffuser to scrunch your curls! Flip your hair to both sides while doing this! I do this for about 15 minutes and then done!

Sometimes I use my husbands t-shirt! on days when diffusing isn’t going to happen I let it dry for two hours like this!
Morning results! After diffuser!
After sleeping in my wrap, no diffusing!

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