A Letter to my “Brother”..

August 9, 2020

Almost 4 months apart..and you never let me forget! Monday night raw, sleeping on trampolines, and running in the bamboo as kids. Nothing was better than Mammaw Woods’s and the land before time!

You’ve always known what you wanted and you’ve never backed down from a challenge. Life is never fair for anyone and you excepted it with so much grace, so much strength, and so much faith.

You aren’t my cousin. You’re my brother.

I remember you calling me to tell me about Jill. She sounded perfect and I hadn’t even met her yet. Your voice was sure, your heart was already in it, and I knew you loved her so much already.

And then you sent me a picture of her engagement ring..I cried..

I couldn’t wait..it was such a hard secret to keep! She was beautiful and full of grace just as you were and I knew all of this before even meeting her.

He sure loves is Mammaw

Then you brought her to meet us…she fit right in. Something about you is so different around her in the best way possible.

She makes you calm, she makes you laugh louder, she makes your eyes light up. She completes you. No one in this world deserves happiness more than you Ty, it’s incredible that you’ve found that in her.

But there’s no one like Mimi

Enjoy this life, always love her like you did on your wedding day, and never EVER let her go.

Curls, Curls, Curls

July 29, 2020

(I hope you sang that)

Okay ladies! Let’s talk about “natural” things. We all want natural cleaning products, natural oils, or natural foods but we don’t want to be OUR NATURAL SELF!

As I get older I find myself wanting to embrace every single thing that makes me..well..ME!!

During quarantine I really began to learn about my hair, something that’s always been “such a mess” or something that “looks like a lions main”

If you’re anything like me and you want to embrace those beautiful curls the good Lord gave you keep on scrolling bloggers

Wrap. your. hair.

I cannot stress this enough. Wrap it. You don’t look dumb, you’re not being inconsiderate you’re taking care of your hair!

I got this at ulta for around $6 the inside is silk and it comes already tied. It is my saving grace! I clip two Bobby pins to the side and it stays on my head all night!

Morning Routine:

1. I only wash my hair TWICE a week! Keep reading I’ll explain…

• every night I spray my hair with a water bottle and put product in. After product I put on my wrap and sleep! •

I only use this product after my washes! This is what allows me to go so long in between washes! Walmart brand: $8
I use this like it’s going out of style! I defuse on cool every morning and once my hair is almost dry I smooth one pump into my hands and rub through my hair to KEEP THAT FEEZE AWAY. Yes ma’am! Walmart brand: $6

My saving grace for my curls! I use this everyday!! It doesn’t leave my hair crunchy and keeps it so hydrated!! Walmart brand:$10

I cannot tell you guys enough how much these do for me! I have nothing but perfect things to say about them both! I cowash twice a week! Plus the conditioner also goes as a leave in! Score! Walmart brand: both $9 a piece

The game changer:

Basic diffuser! It attaches to my blow dryer!! This changed the entire look of my curls! I actually saw a tic tock video about it and I had to try it for myself!

Use LOW HEAT in the beginning. You want to start with your scalp. Most of the time that’s where the water is held! I hold for 10 seconds and walk it all the way around!

After you’ve done your ENTIRE scalp keep it on LOW heat and move the diffuser down your curls! DO NOT ACTUALLY TOUCH THEM!!! You are just locking in the product!

Once you’ve done this to your entire head turn the dryer on medium heat and go back to your scalp. Yeah you heard me. Back to your scalp! Hold for 20 seconds all the way around your head!

You’re almost done! Yasss! Now keeping the dryer on MEDIUM heat gently use the diffuser to scrunch your curls! Flip your hair to both sides while doing this! I do this for about 15 minutes and then done!

Sometimes I use my husbands t-shirt! on days when diffusing isn’t going to happen I let it dry for two hours like this!
Morning results! After diffuser!
After sleeping in my wrap, no diffusing!

Grow by the Water

June 11, 2020

Growth. what a scary word..isn’t it weird that we let this word control our lives. We not only keep it from happening 90% of the time (even though it’s completely inevitable) when we actually accept growth we think everyone and everything is going to support us whole heartedly.

News flash..that’s not going to happen. The only person that will always have your back no matter where this life takes you is Jesus. Now I’m not saying your family won’t be proud and some friends may say congrats from their phone screen but the honest truth is that nobodies gotcha like Jesus! So when growth comes and I assure you it will…Grow by the Water.

Jeremiah 17:7-8

“But blessed are those who trust in the Lord, whose confidence is in him. They will be like a tree planted by the water that sends out its roots by the stream. It does not fear when heat comes. Its leaves are always green. It has no worries in a year of drought and never fails to bear fruit.”

Now, let’s break this down because you can read this verse until you know it by heart but if you do not understand what you’re reading then it doesn’t do any good to read it!

Starting with “BLESSED are those who trust in the Lord, whose confidence is in him” how incredible..to know that all you have to do is trust him and his blessings will come upon you. Dig a little further into the confidence part of this and you’ll find that being confident in God is easy. Shoot, in today’s world he’s the ONLY person you can have full confidence in. Y’all know I’m right!

“They will be like a tree planted by the water that sends out its roots by the stream”

DING DING DING! Here’s where Growing by the Water comes to play. When you feel growth, run to Jesus. When you feel growth, be that tree planted by the water. Let Jesus be the water in this parable and let yourself be the tree.

“It does not fear when heat comes”

HOLD UP! Have you ever felt like the heat and pressures are coming in from all areas and you’re like OKAY LORD WHERE ARE YOU? But what if you didn’t wait until the heat was too much to bear. What if you actually planted your foundation in Jesus before the heat. When life is great and Mondays aren’t even that bad anymore. When your foundation is planted by the water THE HEAT IS BAREABLE!

“Its leaves are always green”

wow. even in the winter? yep. even in the storm? you bet! You will always prosper in the Lord. even on those days when you aren’t feeling it, Jesus knows your heart. When you’re planted in Him there’s no longer a need for anything else. Think of your leaves as prosperity, when you grow within the Lord he alone helps you succeed and become the best parts of yourself.

“It has no worries in a year of drought and never fails to bear fruit.”

and all his people said…PRAISE THE LORD! now remember how I mentioned earlier the main reason we all avoid the “g.r.o.w” word is because of worry and fear. Growing without Jesus is just that, FEARFUL. but growing with Jesus; you guys it takes the worry. You lay it down and never pick it up.

-sidebar: growth is hard period. I don’t care who you are I’m just saying that growing by the water is a heck of a lot easier than growing in the desert.-

A tree that isn’t grown in the correct conditions will not produce fruit. It will become stagnant. The leaves will be green but the fruit will never prosper. As in, it will grow but it will never reach its full potential.

Think about that. If you’re going to grow one way or another wouldn’t you at least want to reach your fullest potential? SO…stop growing in a dry and weary land. Stop pushing away growth. Plant yourself in Jesus and watch your perspective change. Grow by the Water.

Be Blessed; Bloggers