Here lately!

June 30, 2020

Y’all! Hasn’t life been so so crazy lately! I’ve gotten so behind on my blog but don’t you worry! Starting next week we are going to be back up and better than EVAHHH!💚💚

Thank you all for being so patient and so willing to always stop for a read!

Enjoy these pics of life lately!

Can’t wait to get real with y’all next week🥳🥳

best place to spend time with your husband ❤
somehow during quarantine we got a-lot cuter..just saying
if we must wear these at least they are STINKIN’ cute! Yes ma’am!
Chick-fil-a lines are made for lunch date selfies right?
slowly becoming a chef thanks to the pandemic…my husband approves!

Morning Views:

June 16, 2020

enjoy one of the perks to being married to a wonderful human. we go for morning drives almost every day!! (and he never complains when I want to stop for pictures)

the secret place
downtown has my heart
passenger seat is my favorite place to be
the skyline
we call this place home