A Letter to my “Brother”..

August 9, 2020

Almost 4 months apart..and you never let me forget! Monday night raw, sleeping on trampolines, and running in the bamboo as kids. Nothing was better than Mammaw Woods’s and the land before time!

You’ve always known what you wanted and you’ve never backed down from a challenge. Life is never fair for anyone and you excepted it with so much grace, so much strength, and so much faith.

You aren’t my cousin. You’re my brother.

I remember you calling me to tell me about Jill. She sounded perfect and I hadn’t even met her yet. Your voice was sure, your heart was already in it, and I knew you loved her so much already.

And then you sent me a picture of her engagement ring..I cried..

I couldn’t wait..it was such a hard secret to keep! She was beautiful and full of grace just as you were and I knew all of this before even meeting her.

He sure loves is Mammaw

Then you brought her to meet us…she fit right in. Something about you is so different around her in the best way possible.

She makes you calm, she makes you laugh louder, she makes your eyes light up. She completes you. No one in this world deserves happiness more than you Ty, it’s incredible that you’ve found that in her.

But there’s no one like Mimi

Enjoy this life, always love her like you did on your wedding day, and never EVER let her go.

Here lately!

June 30, 2020

Y’all! Hasn’t life been so so crazy lately! I’ve gotten so behind on my blog but don’t you worry! Starting next week we are going to be back up and better than EVAHHH!💚💚

Thank you all for being so patient and so willing to always stop for a read!

Enjoy these pics of life lately!

Can’t wait to get real with y’all next week🥳🥳

best place to spend time with your husband ❤
somehow during quarantine we got a-lot cuter..just saying
if we must wear these at least they are STINKIN’ cute! Yes ma’am!
Chick-fil-a lines are made for lunch date selfies right?
slowly becoming a chef thanks to the pandemic…my husband approves!


June 22, 2020

i am speechless..today i just so happened to look and see how many people have seen the blog bc eh why not….1,097 people have read my posts. they have cared to look at my home page. they have cared to click my links!!! in honor of something i never imagined would happen plz enjoy my husbands photography skills and get a sneak peak into our cozy couch convos:

Life is so ruff for him..

he was over the pictures before they began
the most handsome pup ever

“hey babe, do something cute” “yep thats it”

its amazing how different you glow when you are shown your worth and your value by a good man and Jesus.

will i ever find a place for that vaccum…probs not